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Fragasso Looking to Buy Practices

We are looking to buy investment practices as well as to attract established investment advisors with an already-existing book of business to our firm.  You may be in touch with people in either or both of those categories who may have an interest in talking with me.

Investment practices of any sort in our industry would be potential candidates for our purchase consideration.  By contrast, the acquisition of established advisors will be more selective.  The ideal candidate for us would be an advisor who is uncomfortable in the current affiliation, perhaps because of proprietary product pressure as an example, and who wishes to represent his or her clients with fee-based and unbiased investment management.  That advisor must be already established with a sustainable clientele and who wishes to transition them to our caliber of investment management and financial planning.

Please contact us at 412-227-3200 if you have an interest in this opportunity.

When We Achieve Our Goals, We Win and So Do Our Clients

Loriann Ostermueller
Loriann Ostermueller     Assistant Manager, Marketing

As part of employee incentives for meeting company-wide goals, Fragasso Financial Advisors (FFA) recently rewarded the staff with an afternoon at PNC Park, one of Major League Baseball’s most beautiful parks.  We took the afternoon to enjoy the park and the company of our co-workers while taking in the Pirates game.  The weather was perfect, and it turned out to be a great day all around (except for the fact that the Buccos lost the game!).  As you can see from these photos below, the Fragasso team truly enjoyed the day.

Since I joined the firm in 2005, FFA has provided many incentives for the firm to meet goals, and we’ve often been rewarded for our hard work throughout the years.  When the team meets the company-wide goal set for that quarter, we are rewarded with a company-sponsored perk.  Each quarter, employees are asked how they’d like to be rewarded if they meet their goal, and this year we chose a Pirates game.

While we all enjoy working together, it’s important for us to spend time together socially as well.  Studies show that company outings can boost employee productivity and job performance. In our case, it’s a win-win: the company shows us how much it appreciates us and values our hard work, so we work that much harder, which ultimately benefits our clients. We win, and our clients win.

The fact that Fragasso appreciates its employees is not lost on us, as illustrated by our firm having been named a Best Places to Work. An employee survey determines which companies earn the recognition, so it’s evident that we all truly enjoy working here!

Loriann Ostermueller is the Assistant Manager, Marketing at Fragasso Financial Advisors, a Pittsburgh-based investment and financial planning firm.   If you would like to contact the author, please email us at

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