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The Client Experience and Your Dynamic Wealth Plan

The phrase “client experience” is defined as an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on someone. We, at Fragasso Financial Advisors, do not view our client experience as a single event; rather, it’s an ongoing process that results in what we refer to as the Dynamic Wealth Plan. We work together to simplify the complexities of your financial life.

What to Expect

Fragasso’s client experience consists of very specific, proven steps that uncover and analyze your unique needs. This process is not something that only occurs at the beginning of the relationship. Our client experience encompasses every aspect of the client relationship – from the initial discovery meeting, to the delivery of the financial analysis, to investment management strategies, performance reporting and ongoing reviews. Each individual step is tied directly to a functional outcome. These outcomes are framed by your goals, objectives and expectations.

Through the client experience, the Dynamic Wealth Plan is developed. This plan includes the totality of your financial and emotional needs. One’s financial journey is ever-changing or “dynamic”. That’s why the Dynamic Wealth Plan is not something developed at the beginning of our relationship and then set aside. It becomes the guide along your financial journey. Your Dynamic Wealth Plan is customized to you. It is designed to navigate through your current financial life challenges and those yet to come.

Contact us!

Contact Fragasso for your 20 minute no-cost, no obligation consultation!

Let’s talk about your goals.

An experienced financial advisor will contact you to discuss your goals. We explain how our process works and can ultimately help you pursue your financial objectives.

We conduct a financial data discovery.

We will meet to collect your financial data, which enables our team to run projections and provide an accurate assessment of your complete financial situation.

Delivery of your customized financial plan.

We will explain in detail our recommendations, our investment philosophy and where you could be with Fragasso.

Become a client.

Let’s discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your financial plan, and then begin your financial journey with Fragasso!

Client experience begins.

Your new financial advisor will officially welcome you to Fragasso! We’ll begin to create your Dynamic Wealth Plan, which encompasses your complete financial life.

Find out how our approach can help you pursue your financial goals!

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