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Charitable Gifting: Is It Better to Give Cash or Appreciated Securities?

As we approach the end of the calendar year, you may find in your mailbox, e-mail inbox, or on the phone an increasing number of… Read more

Looking through the Curve on the Financial Road

There is a lesson taught in motorcycle and biking safety courses that if you look at an obstacle while riding you will steer toward it.… Read more

Capital Gains, Large Stock Positions, and You

It’s likely that 2011 will bring changes to how long term capital gains are treated for most investors. For some time, we have enjoyed the… Read more

As a 401(K) Sponsor – Do You Know Your Fiduciary Responsibilities?

As a plan sponsor you have certain responsibilities that you must understand and follow to mitigate risk. This blog will review those responsibilities and offer… Read more

The Appeal of Dividends

“Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.” John .D RockefellerI believe John D. Rockefeller said… Read more

The Conclusion of “Unusually Uncertain”

Everyone should know that predicting the future is by definition uncertain. Why then, does the Federal Reserve believe the outlook for the economy to be… Read more

“Unusually Uncertain”

In a “confidence building” tour de force the Fed chairman Ben Bernanke stated that “the economic outlook remains unusually uncertain”. While some folks would rather… Read more

Follow the Money

There are a number of signals and patterns in the world’s financial markets, but one in particular that we track is money flows into particular… Read more

Quality of Advice

Are there factors that affect the quality of financial advice you gain from different sources? Congress and the regulatory agencies that oversee financial services think… Read more

Taxes: A Hate Story

It has been said that the only two things for certain in life are death and taxes. As wealth managers, we help our clients manage… Read more