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Have You Set Your Financial Goals for the New Year? (Resolutions Don’t Work, But Goals do.)

A New Year’s resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that… Read more

Shopping Mistakes to Avoid this Holiday Season

With the holidays just a few weeks away its time to think about the shopping season again. It’s hard to believe that we embarked on… Read more

Retirement Plan Success Series: Part 4: Investment Decisions and Canaries

“Too many investment options,” “underperformance,” “retail share class,” “inappropriate benchmarks.” This is just a sampling of claims made in a rash of lawsuits filed within… Read more

Optimism Reigns Supreme in U.S. Equity Markets

Don’t confuse the equity market rise with positive fundamentals from stocks. Since 2013 earnings for the S&P 500 have gone from $107.3 to $113.01 to… Read more

How Insurance Can Help You Prepare for Financial Emergencies

Many believe that they only need life insurance protection while they are raising a family. While it is prudent to have life insurance in place… Read more

Important Considerations for Retirement

Two of the most common themes among investors of any age include the fear of loss and urge for gains.  These two concepts are by… Read more

Forget About the 4 Percent Rule (Sort Of)

We live in a fairly complex world where simple sometimes feels better. To that end, many financial principles can be summed up through basic axioms.… Read more

Where Has All the Volatility Gone?

It’s been seven years and four months since the S&P 500 bottomed on March 9, 2009 at 676.1 Since that time we’ve hit multiple new… Read more

Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest: Brandon Xavier Schwan

All proceeds raised by Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest help to support vital CF research, medical and educational programs. There is no mistaking Brandon Schwan in a… Read more

9 Strategies for Those Playing Catch-Up on Retirement Savings

Retirement security is at the top of most individual or family goals. Yet retirement savings is often very low for many investors.  The average median… Read more

Retirement Plan Success Series: Part 3: Retirement Plan Fees and The Matrix

Before a plan sponsor can determine whether or not fees are reasonable, they must first understand what the fees are. A study by the U.S.… Read more

Resilient Pittsburgh and Its Supporting Nonprofits

The Steel City. The City of Bridges. The City of Champions. The Burgh. Whatever you call it, one thing is for sure; Pittsburgh is living… Read more

Don’t Take a Summer Break from College Planning

When schools close their doors for the summer, many parents ask themselves the same question: “How did the year go by so quickly?” If projects… Read more

Brexit Has Happened And It’s Time To Move On

On June 23, in what will go down as a historic day in global politics, British citizens voted to end their 43-year relationship with the… Read more

3 Of The Top Questions Investors Ask Financial Advisors

As a Fragasso financial advisor, Michael Fertig receives many questions from investors regarding their financial future. In this video blog, Michael Fertig reveals the three… Read more

Avoid Traffic Jams On The Way To Retirement

For some, Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial beginning to the summer vacation season. With the average cost of gas expected to be the lowest… Read more