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A Look Back on 2015 – A Year of Volatility – Part 2

July If you build it, they will come. Such was a central theme for years in China as they rush to build urban communities for… Read more

New Year, Not So New Markets

  Welcome to 2016. The new year is often a definitive marker for what has been, what will be and by which we measure life’s… Read more

A Look Back on 2015 – A Year of Volatility

We began the year with tragedy. On Jan. 7, 2015, two Islamist terrorists attacked the French offices of the satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in… Read more

Musings on Parallels

There is concern in some quarters over the length of the current stock market recovery, world events and a myriad of other financial influences. In… Read more

Four Things to Remember When Donating to Nonprofits This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for annual appeals from our much-needed nonprofit community. It seems I open at least one request each day at this time of… Read more

Politics, the Debt Ceiling, and Your Money

Political strife is not a new concept and given the current climate there’s no reason to believe that it will abate anytime soon. Though it… Read more

Battle for Yield in Perilous Fixed Income Arena

Investing in Excellence At Fragasso Financial Advisors, our focus is to provide a quality client experience for every client through each and every department. Our… Read more

Mind the Gap

Despite grand campaigns for equality, the United States gender pay gap has hardly budged in a decade, with American women on average still earning only… Read more

Adding a Roth IRA to Your Asset Mix Offers Its Advantages

Read more

How Do We Stack Up with the Greatest Generation

Today, September 2nd, is the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. That sounds like ancient history, but it was our fathers, mothers,… Read more

How to Confidently Invest in Volatile Markets

Investing is and always will be a long-term exercise in patience and resilience. Perhaps nothing has reminded investors more of this than the past year… Read more

Covering Your College Planning Bases

Baseball, for all of its simplicity, can be quite complicated. Take a moment to put yourselves in the shoes of a team’s general manager. Imagine… Read more

How to Think About China

China will be our trading partner and competitor for the enduring long-term. China recently devalued its currency, the yuan. What does that mean to us?… Read more

Gaining an Edge on Student Debt

Let’s tip our hats to the 2015 college graduates.  Earning that college diploma is a wonderful accomplishment, and will open up many doors in your… Read more

Retirement: Plan Early and Save Consistently

Most people often spend more time planning their next vacation or car purchase than planning for their retirement and future.  That is a big mistake.… Read more

The Greek Debt Crisis: Then, Now and This Week

The question on every investor’s mind these past weeks has been, “What is going to happen to the markets if Greece defaults on its debt?”… Read more