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A Married Couple, Close to Retirement

Their financial objectives is retirement planning.

They begin searching for an investment management firm. Many of the financial firms they meet with seem to have a one-track solution to their financial needs. In addition, it becomes clear that their consulting exposure will be limited to the financial advisor with whom they will be dealing.

The many structural and operational ways in which Fragasso Financial Advisors differs from other firms makes their final decision an easy one. Since making that decision, they have been continually impressed. The knowledge and experience of Fragasso professionals continues to validate their decision to invest toward their future with the assistance of the team at Fragasso Financial Advisors.

Fragasso Financial Advisors’s personal attention, close monitoring and total team management involvement provides them with the long-term strategies they need when planning for their retirement years. Following their initial meeting, a balanced investment portfolio model was developed that suited their risk exposure and financial needs.

They have access to the extensive expertise of financial planners, analysts and investment managers on a variety of issues. Fragasso Financial Advisors professionals freely and willingly supply answers to various financial questions that do not directly relate to investment accounts.

Even with the recent volatility of the markets, their accounts remain professionally well-managed and are constantly under review by Fragasso Financial Advisors’s management team to help weather market undulations now and in the future.

Fragasso Financial Advisors approaches every task with unparalleled thoroughness, integrity and competence. They feel confident now that they are being guided toward their best financial future.