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A Professional, Wife and Mother


Her financial objectives include retirement and college-expense planning.

She knows there are many financial concerns she and her husband need to address for their family’s future. They come to Fragasso Financial Advisors and are impressed with the knowledge, responsiveness and professionalism they experience.

Fragasso Financial Advisors operates on a team structure and assembles a unique combination of financial planners, analysts and investment managers to review and contribute to their financial plan. They work with their Fragasso financial advisor over the years and learn that the firm’s dedication to client service and attention to detail is what they had been seeking all along.

They deeply appreciate Fragasso Financial Advisors’s efforts to help them diversify their financial portfolio. Their experience with Fragasso Financial Advisors helps them plan for their daughter’s education and their retirement.

Fragasso Financial Advisors approaches every task with unparalleled thoroughness, integrity and competence. They feel confident now that they are being guided toward their best financial future.