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An Attorney at a Prominent, National Firm Who Is Also a Father


His financial objectives include retirement and college-expense planning.

In the late 1990s, the market was good. He knew that would change, however, and also knew he didn’t have the time, knowledge or expertise to manage his investments when it did.

Based on a referral from a colleague, he schedules an initial consultation with a Fragasso financial advisor. He discusses his family’s future goals, and his financial advisor develops a comprehensive plan addressing his main concerns: college-funding strategies for his son and daughter as well as retirement planning options for him and his wife.

Fragasso’s team approach helps ensure that he is receiving the appropriate financial advice for his situation as developed by the firm’s experienced financial planners, analysts and investment managers. Fragasso’s disciplined approach, based on diversification and asset allocation, is designed to help his portfolio weather market volatility. In addition, their knowledge, experience and frequent communication confirm that he made the right decision to use Fragasso Financial Advisors

He receives reports on a monthly and quarterly basis so he is always aware of investment performance. His financial advisor contacts him regularly to discuss investment options. He knows they are committed to directing him toward his long-term goals and needs.

Fragasso Financial Advisors approaches every task with unparalleled thoroughness, integrity and competence. He feels confident in the fact that he and his family are being guided toward their best financial futures.