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Executive Director of a Steel Industry Trade Organization


His financial objectives include an employer plan and retirement planning.

He realizes that the investment recommendations and advice he is being given with respect to his personal finances as well as for his company retirement plan is incomplete.

Plan investments are continually underperforming and plan participants feel misdirected. He meets with the Board of Directors and they decide to interview new financial advisory firms to manage company plan investments. As the interview process begins, he starts thinking about switching personal financial advisory firms.

It doesn’t take long to make a decision. They are impressed with the professionalism and expertise Fragasso Financial Advisors offers. They manage investments based on a detailed process including asset allocation, diversification and continual monitoring. Not long after he entrusts the management of his company retirement plan to the team of professionals at The Fragasso Group, he chooses them to manage his personal finances.

He feels confident that the investment options with which he is presented are suitable for his situation. He finds the risk/reward posture appealing in keeping with his objectives. Fragasso Financial Advisors helps him manage his finances so that he can work toward his vision of retirement. With their team of experienced professionals managing the company retirement plan, he knows they are helping his employees do the same.

Fragasso Financial Advisors approaches every task with unparalleled thoroughness, integrity and competence. He feels confident now that he and his employees are being guided toward their best financial futures.