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President of a Family-Owned Electrical Contracting Company


His financial objectives include his employer plan and retirement planning.

He realizes that the financial firm managing his company’s 401k plan and his personal finances is lacking. He interviews several financial firms and decides to trust his employer plan as well as his personal finances to Fragasso Financial Advisors.

The firm’s team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals impresses him. He feels as though he and his employees are being presented with a full range of investment opportunities. Because Fragasso Financial Advisors does not own or sell any proprietary investment products, he knows the options being presented to him and his employees are suitable options available for their situations.

Fragasso Financial Advisors utilizes time-tested methods of asset allocation and diversification to fit the risk tolerance of all his emploees, including himself. In addition, the firm’s personal attention, close monitoring and total team management removes the stress of worrying about his future and the future of his employees. Together, they discuss different opportunities and strategies, and he trusts that they are guiding his company in the right direction.

His employees have a renewed faith in his company’s 401k plan since he entrusted its management to Fragasso Financial Advisors. Twice a year, Fragasso professionals regularly visit the office and educate his employees on basic financial principles and investment strategies. This not only helps him meet ERISA requirements, but also helps him to gain credibility and trust from his valued employees.

In addition to helping him plan for his retirement, they are relieving him of the constant worry about his company’s 401k plan. He feels taken care of and secure in the fact that the team at Fragasso Financial Advisors is comprehensively managing all aspects of his personal and company finances.

Fragasso Financial Advisors approaches every task with unparalleled thoroughness, integrity and competence. He feels confident now that both he and his employees are being guided toward their best financial futures.