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Life Insurance, Your Financial Advisor and the Client ExperienceLife Insurance & the Client Experience

We, at Fragasso Financial Advisors, have been solidifying our client experience over the last half of 2017. Through that process, we have identified one of the most important components of your Dynamic Wealth Plan: life insurance.

Whether you have recently purchased life insurance or have had a policy for decades, do you recall “experiencing” any certain feelings with the exchange? Do you speak to your agent often? Were you left with questions unanswered? Was there a long term plan put in place for you/ your family to cover anticipated financial events?

If you have answered ‘no’ to any of those questions, have no fear. You’re not alone. We have recognized the overwhelming need to incorporate insurance into every client’s Dynamic Wealth Plan. By doing so, we are pro-actively reviewing all insurance policies and consulting with financial advisors to determine what coverage is recommended and at what point changes may arise. This evaluation is being completed behind the-scenes, and it will be shared with you at your annual meeting. It is the goal of all Fragasso employees to work harmoniously together in orchestrating the very best experience for our clients. In my role as the insurance analyst, I am committed to delivering this crucial portion of the client experience.

At Fragasso, your life insurance evaluation encompasses personal/ business life protection, disability and long term care, as well as consultations on coverage needs in the property and casualty arena. Our approach to insurance protection is based on both a risk and investment management mindset. An insurance contract, whether it be life, property, casualty or health, is still simply a contract. The fact remains that many of you have had experience with an insurance company who you felt did not fulfill their obligation. Having worked in nearly every facet of the insurance industry for the past seventeen years, I assure you that my statement is circumstantiated!

I will openly admit that it is likely that no insurance contract has ever been referred to as a riveting read! I do, however, have the aptitude for the discovery of risk and the placement of insurance. As noted previously, the pairing of investment and risk management provides you with an all-encompassing analysis for your present and your future. I remain committed to the individual need; more importantly, all of us at Fragasso remain committed to you and what takes precedence in your life. I am equipped to educate you on the terms of your insurance contract. Extensive research is done internally in order to uncover various risks that warrant insurance. It is part of our process to analyze not only the investment management piece, but also market and individual risk tolerance, familial composition, goals and set-backs. In the technical and analytical world of indemnification, caring seems to be easily lost.

We take pride in reintroducing a positive experience. I am prepared to go above and beyond to help you not only obtain information on your current plan but to also re-insure on a greater scale depending on your financial outlook. I work hand-in-hand with your financial advisor, and I will be a part of every planning and fact-finding meeting in order to ensure your insurance needs stay front and center. We offer ourselves to meet with your family, attorney, CPA, or anyone else with whom you feel should be part of your financial planning decisions. Contact us to learn more.

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Insurance can be a confusing and complex topic but it is a crucial part of one’s financial plan.  People are motivated to acquire life insurance for different reasons, and not all insurance contracts are the same.  Life insurance can be used to fund death taxes, charitable interests, family protection or even a business buyout.
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