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Services Overview

Fragasso Financial Advisors has been providing independent, unbiased investment and financial planning services for its clients for more than 40 years representing approximately 1,200 households, corporations, nonprofit funds and retirement plans. Fragasso Financial Advisors’ clients come from a broad array of industries and are varied in size.

Wealth Management

Holistic financial planning will transform your personal goals into an actionable strategy. From estate planning to stock option management, your financial success hinges on identifying and accessing investment management and financial planning that is specifically structured to address your unique needs.

Retirement Plan Advisors

As a fiduciary consultant, the guidance that we provide to retirement plan participants and sponsors takes a complex industry and makes it easier to understand, without concern for proprietary products or guidance that does not fit your organization’s goals.

Portfolio Management

We have an eight-person, in-house Portfolio Management Department, which means your portfolio receives the benefit of our ongoing management and attention. Your advisor is focused on your long-term goals and financial plan with the backing of a credentialed team of portfolio management professionals.

Nonprofit Advisory Services

Your financial advisor should be a partner to your organization, offering the skills and resources that give you confidence in your financial planning decisions. And allowing you and your board to dedicate yourselves to the organization’s mission.

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