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Portfolio Management

Fragasso’s Portfolio Management Department is a team of seasoned professionals that establishes allocation guidelines and provides asset class recommendations to help build our clients’ customized portfolio solutions. The team also produces market analysis, commentary and special reports on the global economy for our clients.

In-House Portfolio Management

Many firms are structured so that the advisor is responsible for choosing an asset allocation for the client. On the surface, this may seem like a reasonable model. Who better to make portfolio decisions than the advisor, who knows the client’s goals and financial plan?

When you begin to consider that some advisors are compensated with commissions tied to proprietary products, you quickly realize that there is an inherent conflict of interest when one person who is managing your plan is also managing your portfolio. Setting that aside, what happens if that one person retires or gets sick? Who is watching over your investments?

Working as a cohesive unit, our credentialed team of portfolio management professionals support our personal wealth management, nonprofit and retirement advisor teams by providing an investment strategy and portfolio construction. Your advisor focuses on financial planning for your long-term goals. Our analysts watch over your investments. The synergy between the two means you receive focused, quality care across all disciplines of our firm.


Everyone Deserves Financial Security

Our basic investment philosophy is rooted in knowing our clients and their goals. Your advisor works with you to uncover your life goals and create your unique Investment Policy Statement and Guidelines, a document that details your investment goals and objectives and sets the strategy for your portfolio management.

Unbiased Recommendations
We have the freedom to construct portfolios with low-cost investments that are in your best interest.

Full-Time Management
Our dedicated staff will manage your investment strategy and ensure that it is implemented in a cost-effective, timely fashion. Quarterly monitoring means that your portfolio is aligned with your risk and return objectives through the ups and downs of market cycles.

Comprehensive Review
In addition to the ongoing management and attention received from the portfolio management department, Fragasso also has an internal Investment Committee comprised of members of the firm’s executive team, financial planning team and financial advisors who meet quarterly to discuss current market trends, investment outlook, portfolio construction, implementation and issues top of mind for our clients.

Forward Thinking
No two bear or bull markets are built the same. Our team analyzes the past to understand the drivers of outcomes in previous environments. That analysis is then viewed through the lens of current market conditions.

Informative Communication
We strive to ensure that you receive accurate and timely communication. We want you to understand and feel confident in the decisions being made about your investments. A quarterly Investment Outlook, authored by our portfolio management team, will provide you with insights on portfolio management strategy; and three times a year, The Advisor magazine is published containing content relative to industry trends and changes, financial planning strategies and news about the firm.

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