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School is in session: an education planning whitepaper

From Brianne King, Manager of Financial Planning

School is back in session! No matter what age your child may be, it is never too early to start planning for their future.


Five Tips to Help You Work Towards Your Financial Goals

From Fragasso Financial Advisors

They may be as unique as a Pittsburgh snowflake in January, but I have yet to encounter a soul who doesn’t have at least one financial objective that they would like to accomplish. The problem is that, most times, achievement of these financial goals can present itself as a daunting and overwhelming task. I assure you that it is not. All it takes is a bit of initiative and proper guidance. The initiative is in your court, but the guidance is something with which a financial advisor can assist. Outlined below are five basic steps that will aid you in your journey. By following all five, you will quickly find that those insurmountable goals are actually quite achievable.

Large Cap Stock Strategy & Quarterly Letter

From Matthew Karr, CFA, MBA

Many firms are structured so that the advisor is responsible for choosing an asset allocation for the client. On the surface, this may seem like a reasonable model. Who better to make portfolio decisions than the advisor, who knows the client’s goals and financial plan?

When you begin to consider that some advisors are compensated with commissions tied to proprietary products, you quickly realize that there is an inherent conflict of interest when one person who is managing your plan is also managing your portfolio.

Setting that aside, what happens if that one person retires or gets sick? Who is watching over your investments? Read our newest whitepaper.

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Investor's Guide to Bond Basics

From Fragasso Financial Advisors

Download our FREE guide!

  • What are bonds?
  • Why invest in bonds?
  • What factors should you consider when investing in bonds?
  • How to invest in bonds
  • Investment strategy considerations

The Direction of the Investment Industry: Where Will You Fit?

From Robert Fragasso, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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The investment industry has changed substantially over the last 40 plus years and much more so than the 200 years of its existence preceding that.

What course will the investment world chart in the future and what will that mean to you?

Can you afford to retire?

From Fragasso Financial Advisors

How will you retire? The cost of our needs and interests inflate as we age. There are many factors to consider such as medical/personal care, housing, family care and leisure.

Read our 6 steps to creating your retirement strategy! FREE download!

The Cost of Retirement Whitepaper

From Brianne King, Manager of Financial Planning

Thinking about retirement is often difficult. It is hard to be concerned about what will happen 20 to 30 years in the future, while you are stretching your resources to meet your needs today.

It is however, critical to think about how you will support yourself (and your spouse) during retirement. With people living longer, you may wind up spending as much as a third of your life in retirement. The first step is often looking at what your cost of retirement may be.

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Principles of Asset Allocation Video

From Robert Fragasso, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

FREE module on the principles of asset allocation and the other elements of financial management.

Would you like to learn more? Visit our video section of our website!

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How Insurance Can Help You Prepare for Financial Emergencies

From T.J. Drost, Financial Advisor

Many believe that they only need life insurance protection while they are raising a family. While it is prudent to have life insurance in place when you have dependents, it is also imperative to utilize life insurance planning for other circumstances throughout your life. This whitepaper outlines other considerations on why life insurance can better prepare you and your loved ones for financial emergencies.

and more!

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Managing Your Finances During a Life Transition, Vice President

From Michael Fertig, Vice President

This whitepaper will review:

  • The financial mindset during a life transition
  • Protection and enhancement of assets
  • Principles of good financial management
  • The benefits of working with a trusted financial advisor

and more!

Saving and Investing for your Family's Future

From Michael Fertig, Vice President and Karen Lapina, Vice President

This whitepaper includes two important family topics:

Financial Implications that Affect the Sandwich Generation

What is the “Sandwich Generation?” This is group of individuals, typically between the ages of 40 to 59, who are caught between two very important, yet very different roles; raising children and caring for aging parents at the same. While the time commitment and emotional ride that comes with the territory in these roles can be daunting, there is another significant variable that cannot be overlooked……


The No. 1 Rule of Teaching Kids About Saving: Start Early

The first thing my 9-year-old son does when he gets birthday or Christmas money is jump on Amazon or leaf through toy catalogues to see how quickly he can spend it. This is not unlike the feeling many of us had when we got our first paychecks. The idea of putting away some of what you have today for tomorrow is not always instinctive and many times has to be learned.
Download your FREE copy to read more!

Tax Wise

From Robert Fragasso, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Add to your portfolio’s return by being tax wise!

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Retirement Plan Success e-Book

From Robert Yelenovsky, Vice President and Manager Fragasso Retirement Plan Advisors

ebook1-Retirement Plan SuccessDownload the FREE e-book! Fragasso Retirement Plan Advisors focus exclusively on employer-sponsored retirement plans.  We deliver comprehensive plan objectives.

As a fiduciary consultant, the guidance that we provide to plan participants and sponsors takes a complex world and it makes it easy to understand.

Download the FREE five part series.

Industry Insights from
the Fragasso team

Our magazine, The Advisor, offers financial industry insights on such topics as taxes, retirement and estate planning.

Download your FREE copy now!

6 crop radio microphone shutterstock_569954458

Fragasso has embarked upon hosting our own radio show, which shares the same name as our magazine – The Advisor. The Advisor is a one-hour weekly radio show which airs Sunday mornings from 8:00 – 9:00 am on Q92.9 FM. Bob Fragasso will host the show alongside co-host and financial advisor, Michael Fertig.

The purpose of the show is to provide impactful discussions on financial planning topics and insights into the investment industry. We’ll touch upon specialized topics, too, such as retirement planning, college planning and long term care planning to name a few. The Advisor’s format also includes guest speakers from the Fragasso team, as well as, economists, successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Robert Fragasso
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Host from Fragasso Financial Advisors



Michael Fertig
Vice President
Co-host from Fragasso Financial Advisors

Read more about our staff.


Glen Meakem
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer
Guest on 05/21/2017: Starting A Business Of Your Own


Izzy Rudolph
Director of Development and Acquisitions
Mcknight Realty Partners, LLC.
Guest on 06/11/2017: Real Estate for Investing


Ralph Egerman

Principal at Colliers International
Guest on 06/11/2017: Real Estate for Investing



Elliot Dinkin
President and CEO
Cowden Associates, Inc.
Guest on 06/11/2017: Fringe Benefits for Employers and Employees


Jim Carlisle
Partner at Dinsmore
Guest on 06/25/2017: Business Succession Planning



Sidney Zonn
Former Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary to the Board of Trustees at Robert Morris University.
Guest on 07/16/2017: Buying a Vacation Home


Susie Cepicka-Dietrich

Principal owner of Tops Staffing LLC, AllTek Staffing and Resource Group Inc., e-Staff Consulting Group, AccountStaff Inc., Sterling Office Professionals, AllExec Search Group and TVS Inc.
Guest on 07/23/2017:  Women Starting Their Own Business

Janine Dillon-Fragasso
Residential Realtor at Coldwell Banker
Guest on 07/30/2017: Your Home as an Investment and
08/06/2017: Mortgage Techniques to Buy a Home
Request your free copy of the Consumer Notice, courtesy of Janine Dillon – Fragasso

Lori Altrudo
Mortgage Financing Specialist at Patriot Lending Services, Inc.
Guest on 08/06/2017
Mortgage Techniques to Buy a Home
Request your Free Credit Analysis and Why Patriot Lending is different from traditional banks, courtesy of Lori Altrudo

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