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White papers

The following white papers were developed by the Fragasso team to explain or provide valuable information about investment topics and ideas. We will periodically add new white papers for your use so please check back.

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The One Conversation You Need To Have with Your Parents Now

For the first part of our lives, our parents are caregivers, then advice-givers and then sometime around mid-life, the tables often start to turn. They start asking their adult children for advice or help with things they don’t understand or can’t do anymore for themselves.

As this transition occurs, often the adult children wonder what will happen when their parents can no longer care for themselves. What if they need full-time care? Do they have adequate savings to pay for care and, if not, what are the alternatives?

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3 Considerations that May Reduce Your Portfolio Income Tax Footprint

Is your investment portfolio creating a burden for you at tax time? If the answer is yes, it may be time to consider different strategies to help reduce your portfolio taxes. The spectrum of investments is vast and certain types of investments are more tax efficient than others. A simple shift in your investment strategy may help to reduce your portfolio taxes.

Download now to read three considerations to evaluate with your tax professional, to help make your portfolio more tax efficient!

Understanding the Family Benefits of Social Security

Social Security is typically thought of as a supplemental retirement income stream. It can be much more than that in times of critical need. A family facing challenges such as death of a spouse, disability, divorce, or dependent children/parents, should be aware of the benefits to which they are entitled too to help them alleviate the financial pressure they may be under.

School is in Session: an education planning whitepaper

School is back in session! No matter what age your child may be, it is never too early to start planning for their future.

Saving and Investing for Your Family’s Future

This whitepaper includes two important family topics:

Financial Implications that Affect the Sandwich Generation

What is the “Sandwich Generation?” This is group of individuals, typically between the ages of 40 to 59, who are caught between two very important, yet very different roles; raising children and caring for aging parents at the same. While the time commitment and emotional ride that comes with the territory in these roles can be daunting, there is another significant variable that cannot be overlooked……


The No. 1 Rule of Teaching Kids About Saving: Start Early

The first thing my 9-year-old son does when he gets birthday or Christmas money is jump on Amazon or leaf through toy catalogs to see how quickly he can spend it. This is not unlike the feeling many of us had when we got our first paychecks. The idea of putting away some of what you have today for tomorrow is not always instinctive and many times has to be learned.
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The Cost of Retirement

Thinking about retirement is often difficult. It is hard to be concerned about what will happen 20 to 30 years in the future, while you are stretching your resources to meet your needs today. It is however, critical to think about how you will support yourself (and your spouse) during retirement.

Retirement Success E-Book

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As a fiduciary consultant, the guidance that we provide to plan participants and sponsors takes a complex world and it makes it easy to understand.

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Add to Your Portfolio’s Return by Being Tax Wise

A dollar that you do not unnecessarily pay in taxes today remains available to generate more dollars throughout your lifetime if handled properly. Creating those additional funds to add to your future financial security does not require a master’s degree in taxation, though you will want to seek guidance from knowledgeable professionals so that you will properly create tax savings. But you can seek those opportunities to harvest money for yourself that otherwise would have gone for taxes by being aware of tactics to employ and opportunities to seize. Here are some of them.

Preparing for Emergencies

It is often said that there is no excuse for being ill prepared. If you or a family member encountered a sudden situation that posed immediate risk, would you be ready and able to take the appropriate course of action? It is vital to have a comprehensive list of information for you and your family available in the event that an emergency situation arises. This data will provide the critical details to any first responder so that an informed decision can be made to contact the proper parties. The emergency data should contain information on who to contact in the event of medical, household and financial emergencies. Since this list may contain personal and financial information, it should be kept in a safe and secure location that you, your family and those you trust can locate in a time of need. Taking time to ensure that up to date resources are available for unforeseen situations is imperative. Your financial advisor can help provide guidance on items that should be considered. Having this emergency list in place will give you and your loved ones peace of mind knowing that you have information on file for unexpected situations.

Five Tips to Help You Set and Achieve Your Financial Goals

They may be as unique as a Pittsburgh snowflake in January, but I have yet to encounter a soul who doesn’t have at least one financial objective that they would like to accomplish. The problem is that, most times, achievement of these financial goals can present itself as a daunting and overwhelming task. I assure you that it is not. All it takes is a bit of initiative and proper guidance. The initiative is in your court, but the guidance is something with which a financial advisor can assist. Outlined below are five basic steps that will aid you in your journey. By following all five, you will quickly find that those insurmountable goals are actually quite achievable.

Nonprofits: A Roadmap for Effective Board of Directors Governance

Nonprofits are an integral part of the community, so it’s critical as a board of directors to recognize and address the challenges they face on a regular basis. Such challenges can jeopardize their existence.
This checklist will help boards of directors to more effectively accomplish their mission and goals and ensure it can meet the challenges, including financial, it will face.

Find out how our approach can help you pursue your financial goals!

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