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Are Stocks Still Relevant?

The domestic stock market is the most familiar of the capital markets to the average investor, perhaps because it is the most accessible. The financial… Read more

A Look Back on 2018 Part 2 – The Year of Trade Tension

A Look Back on 2018 Part 2 – The Year of Trade Tension July When does a family empire built on a reality TV series… Read more

A Look Back on 2018 Part I – The Year of Trade Tension

A Look Back on 2018, Part I – The Year of Trade Tension January On January 30th, 2018 President Donald Trump delivered his first State… Read more

2017 Part Two: A Look Back

In part two of his blog, Daniel continues his assessment of the global discord and the markets that continue to push higher. From the ever dangerous global political tensions to the rise of “Crypto-Currency”, 2017 was never short of interesting, albeit sometime sad news. While news headlines are meant to be attention grabbing, sometimes lost in the back-pages was the global equity market’s continued ascension.

Consensus Trades

Consensus Trades No matter how logical the original prediction was, consensus trades often seem to end up being unprofitable. One has to ask, how can… Read more

A Look Back on 2016- The Year of the Recast-Part 2

July In July 2016, average global temperatures were the warmest on record for any month in the last hundred years or so. The previous record… Read more

A look Back on 2016-The Year of the Recast-Part 1

The year began with a new focus, and an unfortunate focus on the country’s water supply. Residents of Flint, Michigan are furious that water from… Read more

Optimism Reigns Supreme in U.S. Equity Markets

Don’t confuse the equity market rise with positive fundamentals from stocks. Since 2013 earnings for the S&P 500 have gone from $107.3 to $113.01 to… Read more

Retirement Plan Success Series: Part 3: Retirement Plan Fees and The Matrix

Before a plan sponsor can determine whether or not fees are reasonable, they must first understand what the fees are. A study by the U.S.… Read more

Avoid Traffic Jams On The Way To Retirement

For some, Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial beginning to the summer vacation season. With the average cost of gas expected to be the lowest… Read more

A Look Back on 2015 – A Year of Volatility – Part 2

July If you build it, they will come. Such was a central theme for years in China as they rush to build urban communities for… Read more

New Year, Not So New Markets

  Welcome to 2016. The new year is often a definitive marker for what has been, what will be and by which we measure life’s… Read more

A Look Back on 2015 – A Year of Volatility

We began the year with tragedy. On Jan. 7, 2015, two Islamist terrorists attacked the French offices of the satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in… Read more

Musings on Parallels

There is concern in some quarters over the length of the current stock market recovery, world events and a myriad of other financial influences. In… Read more

Politics, the Debt Ceiling, and Your Money

Political strife is not a new concept and given the current climate there’s no reason to believe that it will abate anytime soon. Though it… Read more