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1. Strategic Decisions: Refining the Fragasso investment philosophy and management to match the ever-changing world and landscape of wealth management.

2. Risk Management: Evaluating and managing risks associated with various investments that may impact your portfolio and financial goals.

3. Due Diligence: Conducting thorough research and analysis on potential investments, changes, or adjustments to your portfolios.

4. Portfolio Management: Overseeing the various investment portfolios to help ensure proper diversification and alignment with the established strategy.

5. Performance Monitoring: Regularly reviewing and assessing the performance of existing investments and portfolios.

6. Tax Efficiency: Determining how and where tax efficiency and tax management can assist our clients in critical after-tax returns.

7. Decision-Making and Voting: Collaborating among the portfolio management team and other Fragasso stakeholders to make collective decisions on asset allocation, investment selection, and other strategic matters.

8. Communication: Various investment changes or market environments warrant client communication and this group determines such communication. Decisions and topics discussed within these meetings is also shared with all financial advisors and other client-facing personnel within the firm.

Fragasso Financial Advisors’ Investment Committee is a key element of the firm’s portfolio management process – contributing to enhanced communication, collaboration, and a rigorous decision-making process forming a complete structure to some of the most critical investment decisions. This transparent and collaborative model sets Fragasso apart, ensuring that decisions are not made in isolation but rather through a comprehensive evaluation by experienced professionals. The discerning and critical analysis, ethical standards, and ongoing accountability are core values that help ensure we adhere to our fiduciary standard, which is to always put your best interests first, and foremost.

Our Investment Committee meetings are just one element of Fragasso’s commitment to informed decision-making and client centric portfolio management. We strongly believe this approach of navigating the complexities of the global investment world can help materially contribute to the long-term financial success for you and your family.